KAY-RAY Repair

QIE provides industrial electronic repair for a wide range of products and brands. Listed below are the KAY-RAY Products that we have repair history on. If there is something you're looking for, you can find it quickly by using the search box provided, or browse through the list. If you do not find the specific part number you are looking, we do offer a free repair evaluation for new items.

Part Number Description
220-000062 ANALOG P/S
220-000064 OUTPUT CARD
220-000071 AMPLIFIER MOD.
220-000078 ALARM MODULE
220-000090 ANALOG I/O BD.
220-000103 3600F T/C PCB
220-000129 TRANSMITTER
220-735200 SINGLE PT ALARM
535-000021 AMPLIFIER MOD.
535-000129-0 DLM-12 BOARD
956-00011711 STATUS REP MOD
956-0001175 STATUS REP MOD
956-0001178 STATUS REP MOD
956-0001179 STATUS REP MOD
956000117 STATUS REP MOD